Precious Metals


Precious Metals A precious metal is a term for chemical elements belonging to the metal group which, in their natural forms, are rare. The commonly accepted unit of weight for metals is the Troy ounce. The most common precious metals are gold and silver. Other precious metals are from the platinum group,  which includes platinum, ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, and iridium explains IronFX. Precious metals […]


IronFX - Petroleum

Petroleum Petroleum is the product of the remains of marine creatures such as plankton and algae which have accumulated on the ocean floors over hundreds of millions of years, explains IronFX. Over time, without access to oxygen to burn these bio-materials back into carbon dioxide, and without other creatures to consume them and break them […]

A Commodity Market


A Commodity Market A Commodity Market is a market wherein mainly raw materials, which haven’t been processed by humans or undergone manufacturing processes, are traded, and not products. The goods are traditionally categorized into “soft commodities -“agricultural goods such as grains, coffee, cocoa, fruit and sugar, and “hard commodities”- metals and other mined materials, and […]


IronFX - Spot gold

Gold Gold is a metallic chemical element belonging to the transitional metal group. Its chemical symbol is Au and its atomic number is 79, states IronFX. Gold doesn’t tend to bond with other chemical elements and thus can be found in nature only in its purest form. In addition to the creation of jewelry, it […]